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Maxibros company was established in 2020 in Bursa, Turkey. Our company, which started its activities as a kitchen equipment wholesaler in its first years, started to produce its own stainless counters in the following years. Our company, whose first supply chain was established in Europe, started by exporting primarily to Switzerland and France.
In 2020, our company started to supply kitchen counters, cold and frozen rooms to most countries of Europe. Afterwards, our sales of cooking appliances, shelf systems and refrigerators started, respectively.
In 2021, the company opened to Africa with a decision it took and established the first supply chain between Kenya and South Africa. We still supply kitchen equipment to these countries. Our company currently continues to export to 14 countries.
The sales team, which moved to its new office in 2022, continues its activities in Bursa and provides kitchen consultancy throughout the world. Our team, which visits customers on site when necessary, has experience in kitchen drawing and equipment layout. Our staff, who received training abroad on the use of kitchen equipment in the right places, has also become a leading company in after-sales support.
Our sales and marketing team, who can speak English, Turkish, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese, provides a professional service to every customer who comes to get support from us.
As the Maxibros family, we are always here to provide you with the best service in the supply of kitchen equipment.

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